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a little about us

June 6, 2009

you might not have gotten much from this amazingly descriptive page

we’re two marketing guys working in high tech, both focused on business to business marketing.

i hope you’re better about this than i am . . .we are . . .but i don’t spend enough time thinking back over what i’ve done and drawing threads and conclusions.  life’s busy. that’s precisely what friday nights at 1:10 am are for . . .thinking.

anyway, all we’re trying to do is find a spot where we can both post things we discover and want to keep. otherwise, we end up with massive piles of paper in our offices.

there’s more to it than that, actually. i mean, we do have a reason for doing this. we both feel that our combined 20+ years in sales and marketing has left us with a few lessons about what works and what doesn’t in marketing. and here’s where we can put some of those thoughts together (as if the whole blog isn’t pretentious enough already, i mean . . .we have a picture of a sunrise over the mountians . . .).

at some point, we’ll be a little less mysterious, too. and there’s a reason for that as well. the being mysterious, i mean. anyway, you’ll see.


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