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spray and pray

June 20, 2009

my favorite descriptive phrase for hyperactive marketing.

here’s how it works.

rather than thinking clearly and deeply about the unique value of your product or solution and identifying a set of customers (either existing or new), many marketers simply crank out a whole range of “tactics” and call it a marketing plan. the best plan has the most stuff, right?

spray the market and pray “they will come” . . .

that isn’t marketing . . .and i don’t care if you’re using traditional (and costly) marketing methods and media, or if you’re a cutting edge social marketer. if you do not think through what you are trying to accomplish, you are inevitably wasting money and time. and you are not only wasting your time, you are wasting the limited amount of time that a potential customer has to hear about your product.

so get up off your knees for a little while . . .find a quiet place and think about what it is you’re trying to accomplish. put it in a sentence . . .no more than 6 words. and everything you do from this point forward should point back to that idea.

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